SEO for Websites; BOO for Business Owners

By Tomas Gomez // October 22, 2020

SEO for Websites; BOO for Business Owners

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

This practice started in the mid-1990s. In business, your website’s fundamental goal is to appear in the first places of the results page when people search (or Google) the internet for words or terms related to what you are selling.

It is a very complex subject, but basically, you need to set up your website understanding the criteria (algorithms) utilized by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) to pick and show websites in a ranking system. In the internet universe, you want to be found faster and convert that to sales.

BOO stands for Business Owner Optimization.

As business owners, we need to understand the criteria used by the press and media business critics for your company to be considered top-notch, best in class, or world-class. You want to be found faster, not only by potential customers but also by investors and other companies that can become potential partners. Keep in mind, options give you freedom.

There are eight key areas in your business that need to be optimized to meet these criteria.

You want to have a clear message (1) and a team (2) pushing in the same direction, building and promoting the right products (3).

You need a smart dashboard with metrics or KPIs (4) to understand who is winning, including your key financial (5) ratios to compare your business to the competition and against your industry’s gold standards.

As business owners, you need to learn how to spend your hard-earned money on the right marketing and sales (6) efforts to create revenue with as little investment as possible. It is also essential that you implement a continuous improvement (7) program to ensure you deliver the same value all the time and keep winning. And last but not least, you need to get yourself and your business ready to pivot (8) and reacting to changes in the environment you cannot control.

As frequently mentioned: overnight success takes ten years.

The most successful companies started with a single concept. They became unstoppable by joining forces with other key players through partnerships, joint ventures, or acquisitions. Then created an expanded network and a comprehensive business model to get ahead of the curve and position themselves on solid ground.

Just look very closely at what you are great at; your know-how or core competencies. Think about taking the most advantage of it. Ask yourself in what other industries, products, or markets can you apply these competencies. Different needs could perfectly align with your know-how and generate a big payback – the opportunities are out there.

Same for your products or services. It is similar to the core competencies exercise, but here we are talking about your products’ technical competencies. You can use the same concept, the same “guts,” and change its appearance to serve other market needs.

With Business Owner Optimization (BOO) strategies, you’ll always be a step ahead of the crowd.

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